Cartimaix is a cell-free, biodegradable collagen membrane used to cover articular cartilage defects during Collagen-covered Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (CACI) and Matrix-Assisted Bone Marrow Stimulation procedures (MA-MFX).

During both treatments, Cartimaix supports the natural cartilage regeneration by keeping the cartilage regenerating cells within the defect area.


Cartimaix – A two-sided membrane

Cartimaix has a two-sided appearance: a dense, smooth side and an open fibrous, rough side. The product combines a barrier function to protect the regeneration area with an adhesion base for chondrocytes or stem cells migrating from the bone marrow.


The membrane is implanted with the dense, smooth side facing in the direction of the joint space. Like a protective shield the membrane covers the treatment area. The cells and growth-promoting factors are maintained where they are needed for an optimal regeneration of cartilage tissue.

The rough side is implanted facing the cartilage defect and serves with its open fibrous structure as an ideal matrix for the adherence of the cartilage-regenerating cells.


The smooth side of CartimaixThe two sides of Cartimaix in cross-sectionThe rough side of Cartimaix


Outstanding Cartimaix features

  • Highly purified and safe material based on porcine collagen and elastin
  • Excellent handling and mechanical stability of both the dry and the rehydrated membrane
  • Creation of a protected environment for tissue regeneration where cartilage-regenerating cells and substances promoting cartilage formation are kept - consequently no loss of cells and valuable substances to the joint space
  • Scientifically proven cell compatibility with cartilage-regenerating cells
  • Compared with gels slower resorption and higher abrasion resistance to tangential forces
  • Complete remodeling of the natural, non-crosslinked collagen during the cartilage regeneration without release of toxic or pH modifying substances



Treatment methods for cartilage regeneration

The choice of current treatment methods for the therapy of traumatic and degenerative cartilage defects is based on a scheme dependent on the size of the defect and the ICRS classification (Grade 1-4).





In grade 3-4 defects and with increasing defect size, more complex regeneration methods are required:


  • For defect sizes up to 2 cm², usually no matrix is used. The typical treatment relies on a perforation of the subchondral bone, e.g. Microfracturing (MFX) or Nanofracturing.
  • For defect sizes between 2 and 12 cm² Cartimaix is used for Matrix-Assisted Bone Marrow Stimulation (MA-MFX) or advanced developments of this, for example NAMIC®.
  • For very large defects Cartimaix is used in Collagen-covered Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (CACI) procedures.


Product safety

Cartimaix’ product safety is confirmed by comprehensive risk assessment studies. The porcine source materials are harvested in EU certified facilities in Germany under strict veterinary controls. Validated process steps are implemented to guarantee the viral safety of Cartimaix. There is no TSE or BSE risk.


Shelf life 

Cartimaix has a shelf life of three years. 


Available Cartimaix sizes – Ordering information

Cartimaix is available in three sizes listed below and is packaged sterile in double blisters.

Order-No.         Product size

CAR2530          25 mm * 30 mm

CAR3040          30 mm * 40 mm

CAR4050          40 mm * 50 mm




Each Cartimaix package is provided with a separate, sterile aluminum template that can be used to create an imprint of the prepared defect size during surgery and aid in cutting the Cartimaix membrane to size.



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