Product description

Remaix sets a new standard for resorbable membranes: High therapeutic safety due to the reliable barrier function, excellent bio- and cell-compatibility, very good handling properties and the option to combine Remaix with many different bone graft materials, provides the perfect support for new bone formation. 


Remaix properties


The Remaix membrane is composed of a network of highly purified porcine collagen fibers intermingled with highly purified porcine elastin fibers.



The membrane creates a protected environment for bone regeneration in the defect area by providing a barrier against migration of unwanted cells from the soft tissue and allows the ingrowth of osteogenic cells in the space of the bone defect. The fibrous network provides the Remaix membrane with mechanical strength and prevents the migration of bone graft material. 


Crucial - The reliable barrier function! 



Remaix is a resorbable membrane and therefore a second surgical procedure to remove the membrane is not required. The stability of resorbable membranes
against degradation is of great importance. Several studies with non-crosslinked collagen membranes show that the barrier function is only given for a relatively short time period and may vary widely. On the other hand, non-crosslinked membranes exhibit a good tissue integration and vascularization.


Therefore, the focus during the development of Remaix was to obtain a membrane with a reproducible higher stability against degradation, without making any concessions regarding its tissue integration. 


Excellent handling

Remaix can be processed safely and easily, even if the membrane is hydrated. Due to its high stability, it does not tear. It adapts ideally to the tissue and the bone graft material. This saves you valuable time!